How We Help You

KEOLA is a collective work &  female-led project that brings together NLP coaching technique, body & health expertise, and mindful work.

KEOLA in Hawaiian means "to feel alive" and this is what we want for every being on this planet earth!

Our goal is to help you to disconnect from the world to reconnect with yourself. Together we uncover the imbalances in your daily life to raise inner calmness and self-confidence.

Let's work together.

Personalize Your Experience


Ladina Meier
Founder of KEOLA

I will be your personal guide on this mindful journey.

I am here to make your life easy, to guide you day-by-day, and keep you accountable. Let's share from the bottom.

I speak German, English & Spanish, reach out!


€ 60.00


30 Minutes Private Call

Personal Guidance

Clarity & Focus
about "Where you stand?" and "Where you want to be?"

Personalized Next Steps

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€ 60.00


30 Minutes Private Call

20 Min.
Guided Meditation (live)

10 Min.

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Meet Your Expert

KEOLA operate by pulling together just the right team from their coaching collective, who are experts in their fields. Connect, grow and share from the comfort of your own living room.

Back To Balance

Valérie Baumgartner
Certified Nutritionist

Let's evaluate your eating habits. I am a specialist in hormone-balanced nutrition & I help you to nurture your body, mind & soul. You will get to know new strength, satisfaction, and soul routines. This is a back-to-balance lifestyle change.

I speak German & English reach out to me!



€ 740.00


6 Weeks

4 x 90 Min. Sessions

Private Coaching

Hormone-Friendly Nutrition Plan

Personalized Habit-Change Plan

FREE first call

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Live Your Soul Vision

Sylvia Weinheimer
Personal Coach

There is a voice whispering deep inside of you. As a life coach, I help you to listen and understand where this journey takes you. Together we will find heart solutions and answers the question:

Do you want to live the life you deserve, but something is holding you back?

I speak German & English reach out to me!



€ 2'880.00


3 Month

10 x 90 Min. Sessions

Private Coaching

Personalized Affirmations

FREE first call

In this intense one-on-one mental coaching, I will help you breakthrough and build that unshakable trust and self-love that you need to move forward in your life and career.

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KEOLA Virtual Meetings happen via Zoom.

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