KEOLA Values ❣

Our passion is to explore and to discover what is holding us back in life by reminding ourselves what it's like to feel free, inspired & connected to the beauty of life.

We expand the experience of freedom through our online program. It brings our key elements of Mindfulness, Self-Discovery & Community together.

This life-changing experience offers a strong shift in physical and mental wellbeing while building lasting friendships from around the world.

KEOLA was originally founded in 2017 in Zurich (Switzerland) as a tour operator for transformative travel experiences and turned into an online product in the year 2020.

We follow the strong intention to help 21st-century humans to dedicate time to themselves and making their own choices. We guarantee to create something long-lasting and beautiful.


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My name is Ladina and I am the founder of Keola. I grew up in Zurich, Switzerland and currently reside in Mallorca, Spain. I always dreamed of traveling. With pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Tourism I followed my passion. Escaping the ‘normal’ inspired me and left me dreaming again. As a digital nomad, I kept all of my belongings in one suitcase, looking for a place I could call home within myself.

I crossed a few boundaries and left my comfort zone to choose my own path and create the freedom for my life I always dreamed of.

I’ve been able to get to know other places, cultures, and people while still having the inner drive to follow my heart and inspire others by doing what I love.

My dad always asked me: “What drives you, Ladina?”. These are the 3 keys that helped me finding my inner drive and following it:

  • 🔑  Mindfulness was the first key to find rest & relaxation for my system. I started to listen within.
  • 🔑 Suddenly I was able to discover even more. I started to look at myself, this is why self-discovery, or recently called inner work has become the powerful second key that helped me to optimize my life.
  • 🔑 And third, it took me years of traveling to find an uplifting community that has the desire to support and share from the bottom of their hearts. I finally understood the meaning of "sharing is caring".

KEOLA means "to be alive" in Hawaiian. For me, KEOLA stands for the decision I make every single day to LIVING MY LIFE rather than just EXISTING. My online program is a powerful self-coaching tool created to help modern women dedicating time to themselves, maintaining inner balance in life, and improving relationships with others & themselves.

The Community

Real women. Real journeys. Get to meet the members.




"It has given me the space to focus on my mental health and the clarity as to how I can be my authentic self. I experience a sense of sisterhood with incredible, strong and passionate women from all over the world. I learned not to just exist, but to LIVE!" - Canada 🇨🇦



"It is about living the life you want. You go much further by sharing your path rather than being on a journey on your own. KEOLA in two words is: living consciously."

Public Health Adviser from Bern, Switzerland


"It's about health but not about yoga, fitness or nutrition. I learned that it is about balance and inspiration. I found out KEOLA is about life."

Teacher from Zurich, Switzerland


"Before I started the journey I was quite insecure. Being surrounded by inspiring people made me realize that everything is possible if I believe in myself. This lesson was very strong. I am continuously learning with KEOLA."

Co-Founder of LIFE WITH PCOS from Winterthur, Switzerland


"KEOLA is soul connection!"

Business & Transformational Coach from Cologne, Germany


"KEOLA it's about growth and connection!
It's about all the lessons I needed to fall in love with curiosity, patience and respect for my own personal development. AND it's about the humans that came across the journey. It's about life as the greatest teacher of all with connections that come and go."

Founder of KEOLA from Zurich, Switzerland


"What I love the most is that you inspire others to be brave and follow dreams. Personally for me, its not just KEOLA as a community but you, Ladina and the home in Mallorca. I fell in love with the place, the island and found a special friend!"

Lecturer and Coach at Breda University from Breda, Nederlands


"KEOLA for me means inspiration and creativity."

Holistic Chef from Palma de Mallorca, Spain


"For me, Keola is a safe and warm space that is filled with positive energy and great people that are passionate about living life. That kind of awesome energy rubs off on you and I wholeheartedly recommend this journey to everyone. I think we all want to create the life we have always dreamed of. KEOLA offers the elements and information that can help make this happen.

Copywriter & Content Creator from Toronto, Canada


"It is about feeling alive - it is about the feeling of dancing with a HULA-HOOP!"

Marketing Specialist from Cologne, Germany



Let's go where we feel most alive. Valérie joined one of our retreat experiences.


Are you ready to feel alive? 

Getting on track with what you really want in life does not have to be difficult. Since we started working together we have experienced so many absolutely awesome breakthroughs by just changing small details in our mindset.

I am 100% sure, it won’t be much longer until we can also share your first success story here!

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