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Mindfulness & Coaching to make your well-being a priority

This helps you to be happier in life. 

Therapy  Coaching, mental coach


I'll show you how to connect body, mind & soul for an inspiring change from the inside out.

Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher by the CPD and the IMMA 

Matrix-2-Point ® Coach

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You haven't felt like yourself lately?


There are times, when you just can't see where you are heading and I understand that.



You feel like you're always looking for something you don't currently have?

Chaos is taking over, there is so much on your plate, and you are getting nowhere with it?

You don't know where you are heading in your career, and wanting to find something you are passionate about?

Are you entering a new phase of life, such as relocating to a different part of the world or returning to normality after a burnout, breakup or any disruption?

You don't feel successful and ask yourself what does it actually feel like?

Do you want to make your health & well-being a priority?


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The skill of being present in the moment

- Reduce stress and anxiety
- Deal with depression
- Better relationships
Sleep better & have more energy
- Find meaning in life
- Experience greater satisfaction

We'll create a save space where you can... 

Unravel what is going on

Understand your feelings and emotions

Focus on your well-being

Create a well-structured stress reduction plan

Build balance with clarity and confidence


Stop spinning in circles. Enroll in a program to calm your mind, gain clarity, and build strength for a balanced life.




Private Coaching 

This is perfect for newbies in a world of self-discovery.

In private sessions I am able to give you deeper insights and a personalized roadmap, and together we'll set you up for powerful decisions for yourself. In my role as a coach I am here to guide you to your grounded, resourceful place. This is where you align with what matters to you.

It’s accessible to anyone willing to open up. It doesn’t take any special skill, just a willingness to slow down and listen. 

I am happy to welcome you physically or in a virtual space. And together find that inner peace that you have been looking for.

🇬🇧 🇩🇪 In German & English.

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Your Journey  with Meditation & Journaling

With this 16-day online course you discover the most effective ways to shift your mindset with only 16 inspiring online sessions.

The journey makes it easy for you to incorporate mindfulness practices into your life, listen within and change from the inside out.

This is for you, even if you live a fast life. The unique process helps anyone multi-passionate to make a change and set up for a life they love (and won't get bored of). 

🇬🇧 In English. 

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8-Week Metabolic Rebalance 

Forget everything you have ever heard about diets.

In 8 weeks you will be able detox and rewire your eating habits. Improve your health, detox your gut, loose fat and let go of what is making you feel heavy.

With a closer look at emotions, feelings and beliefs that are connected to your eating habits and by shifting your positive self-image, this journey will be a life-changing one.

The program includes three private coaching consultations and an online course over 60-days. 

I am looking forward to see you transforming too. 

🇬🇧 🇩🇪 In German & English.

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I’m Ladina, a mental coach and mindfulness teacher.

I work with clients to heal their body and soul from the inside out so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose.

You deserve nothing but to feel alive!

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